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Satisfying sustainability and performance goals

The demand for sustainable products is compelling product designers and application engineers to find alternatives to traditional materials. In turn, incorporating these materials can raise questions and pose new challenges. We can help.

Our reSound™ thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) portfolio includes recycled content (reSound REC TPEs), bio-based (reSound BIO TPEs), and eco-conscious (reSound Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint TPEs) formulations that turn these challenges into opportunities and empower you to enhance sustainability and develop innovative products.

These sustainable polymer options offer high-performing alternatives to traditional, petroleum-based TPEs. However, their differences can impact colorability, specific sustainability goals, and performance attributes. We invite you to explore these solutions and contact us for insight into which strategy is right for you.

Benefits of TPEs with Sustainable Content
  • Comparable performance to prime TPEs
  • Support a circular economy by using recycled or plant-based content and improve overall life cycle analysis
  • Colorable and customizable formulations to meet brand and application specifications
  • Can be overmolded to PP, PC, ABS, PC/ABS, and PE

reSound™ REC TPEs

These grades are formulated with varying levels of post-industrial recycled (PIR) and post-consumer recycled (PCR) content from a variety of sources.

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reSound™ BIO TPEs

Derived from plant-based raw materials, these bio-polymers contain 35-60% bio-renewable content for creating more environmentally responsible products.

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reSound™ Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint TPEs

Explore eco-friendly materials offering a negative, neutral or near-zero product carbon footprint.

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reSound™ Ultra-Low Carbon Footprint Bulletin

Gain insight into key characteristics and properties of these eco-conscious TPEs

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Balancing Beauty & Sustainability

Explore the design options & challenges of TPEs with sustainable content

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reSound™ REC Selection Guide

Explore key properties and attributes for reSound™ REC recycled content TPEs

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Understanding Carbon Footprint

Take a closer look at the common terms and contributing factors that make up a carbon footprint

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reSound™ BIO Technical Bulletin

Explore the design options & challenges of TPEs with sustainable content

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Webinar: Sustainable TPEs Explained

Learn what they are, how they perform, and why choose bio-based or recycled content

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