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Dyeing fibers with the spin-dyeing process

As the textile industry is striving to increase the sustainability of fibers and fabrics, we invite you to consider the advantages of dyeing man-made fibers with the spin-dyeing process. Our whitepaper provides a comparison between spin-dyeing and classic bath-dyeing in terms of process, sustainability, and applicability.

We are a long-time provider of colorants and functional additives for spun-dyed fibers. Our products are polymer pellets – or in some cases liquid polymer – known as “masterbatch” or “concentrate”, that include the colorant and/or performance-enhancing additive at a concentrated level. The masterbatches are injected at a certain ratio with virgin or recycled polymer before spinning to produce yarns that are then already dyed.

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Benefits of spin-dyeing versus classic bath-dyeing
  • Fewer process steps
  • Less energy use
  • No water use

Putting a new spin on sustainable fashion

Fiber Solid Colorants


Avient offers a wide range of colorants for the spin-dyeing of polypropylene, polyester, polyamide and other man-made fibers like PLA and PHT. The masterbatches offer good spinnability and color resistance (fastness) to washing, heat, rubbing and light. A library of standard colors is available for defined applications e.g., carpets and nonwovens. Custom colorant solutions are rapidly developed in our fiber-dedicated color matching labs around the world.

Remafin™ Fiber Colorants for PP

Renol™ Fiber Colorants for PET, PA and other non-olefins

Fiber Additive Solutions


Additives can be used to enhance the properties and processability of fibers when required by the application and/or regulation. Our additive portfolio includes solutions to impart the following properties to fibers and filaments: UV/light stability, flame retardancy, antimicrobial efficacy, hydrophobicity and hydrophilicity, soft-touch effect, static electricity prevention, improved processability for recycled fibers, and more. These additives can be combined with color in a combination masterbatch for convenience.

Cesa™ Fiber Additives

Fiber Liquid Solutions


Liquid masterbatches can also be used to dye man-made fibers during the spinning process. They are injected later in the process compared to solid pellet masterbatches, which provide the benefit of more efficient color changeovers. Our experts can provide assistance in choosing between pellets and liquid masterbatches.

MagIQ™ Liquid Fiber Colorants

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