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sustainable additives for PET packaging

Find out how sustainable additives will be vital in

overcoming many challenges in terms of 

rPET adoption

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Download our free whitepaper on sustainable additives for PET food and beverage packaging.

The food and beverage market is front and center in the global fight towards achieving 100% sustainable packaging target. By incorporating sustainable additives into its PET packaging, the industry has the opportunity to push the needle on sustainability while promoting the circular economy.

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Improve the Recycling Process

To develop solutions that advance the multi-loop recycling of plastics, Avient has set up the CycleWorks innovation center to work on mechanical plastic recycling. Learn more about our Cycle works facility here. Learn more

You can also discover how our additive and colorant solutions allow brand owners to utilize black and dark packaging that is detectable and sortable in waste management facilities:

Allow Higher Usage Rates of PCR

With rising EU-wide targets to incorporate greater quantities of recycled plastics in packaging items, solutions are required that improve the quality of recyclate so that higher usage PCR quantities can be utilized. Discover how some of our solutions will allow you to add higher amounts of PCR to your packaging - without compromising quality or performance:

Improve the Quality of PCR

Plastic packaging requires a full design process – aesthetics, additives with consideration for a content’s shelf-life and now the addition of PCR content.

This is where Avient’s sustainable material science solutions come into the picture, providing customers with specialized additives that improve the quality of recyclate:

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