As a design engineer at a phone case brand, you need to stand out from your competitors, and capture consumers’ attention. Not only do your cases need to protect expensive mobile phones from breakage, scratches and water damage, they also must showcase style and personality. In this eBook, we highlight design trends, materials and processing — insights to help you ensure that your new models sparkle with a winning combination of performance and aesthetics.

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Designing your next phone case models?

We know you have a lot to consider, including trends, material performance and processing methods. We've done our research, and have some insights to share.

Phone Case Trends

In this eBook, we discuss:
  • Hot trends, including clarity, glitter & natural effects
  • Material benefits of TPU, PC, Silicone, TPE
  • Design considerations
  • Processing options and production needs
  • What's next for the market

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