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Nymax™ Polymer Formulations

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Comprehensive Guide for Designing Parts with Nymax™ Nylon Materials

Engineered nylons are a versatile and reliable material for countless applications. Optimizing part performance and manufacturing efficiencies for your products begins in the design phase.

Available with various levels of reinforcements, modifiers and fillers, the specialty nylons in the Nymax portfolio are ideal for products that require high stiffness, tensile properties, heat resistance, and good durability and weatherability in harsh outdoor environments.

Set yourself up for success and better understand how to maximize the benefits of working with Nymax materials by using this free, in-depth design guide.

Download the Design Guide to access
  • Key considerations for part design
  • Mold design recommendations
  • Guidance on process optimization and minimizing cycle time
  • Practical examples and troubleshooting tips

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