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What are the materials that will make next-generation wearable and digital health trends possible?

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Because healthcare technology evolves at the speed of life, it takes fresh thinking, agile R & D, and imaginative use of advanced materials to bring life-changing products to market safely and quickly. It also requires a visionary understanding of healthcare device evolution, and the trends that are emerging as digital technology changes the way people access and utilize these devices every day. Our Trendwatch™Medical Wearables + Digital Health eBook gives you an in-depth look at the trends currently shaping healthcare and how they will impact medical care delivery and product design for years to come. And because we are pretty knowledgeable about materials, there are plenty of actionable material insights for you to peruse, absorb, and incorporate into your product innovation arsenal.

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Do you prefer more interactive learning experiences? You’re in luck! Our free Trendwatch™ Medical Wearables + Digital Health webinar is just what the proverbial doctor ordered. You can sit back and take in all the ways improved materials can help you stay ahead of important digital healthcare trends to create more life-improving products, more effectively.

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