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Digital technology is rapidly - and increasingly - changing everything. Healthcare is no exception. And while "digital health" can sound impersonal, it's actually making our health and wellness more personal. Personal as in more specifically tailored to us. Today, we know more about ourselves (inside and out) than ever before. We have digital technology to thank for all of this.


Learn Why the Right Materials Matter for Meeting Growing Demand

Thanks to wearables and digital tech, we're better attuned to our bodies and better connected to the experts and resources that can help us stay healthy. The result? The competition is intensifying to deliver more personalized and more digitally accessible healthcare at-home and on-the-go. Are your designs and materials keeping pace?

Wearable and Digital Health Technology

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  • Learn why wearables and digital technologies are so integral to personal health
  • Stay ahead of trends and forces shaping the design of medical wearables and digital health products
  • Understand what's going on in this high-growth, high-potential market space
  • Gain new perspectives on the polymer materials that can help you proactively solve potential challenges to your next generation design

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