Next-Gen Materials for 5G Component Design

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Smarter, faster, and more powerful.

These are the promises of 5G and the challenges designers of 5G components face. 

5G technology is poised to change how people work and live, but the 5G-enabled world isn’t quite here yet. Still, the demand for 5G coverage is picking up pace, and the race is on to enable and connect infrastructure and devices.

As a result, component designers and product engineers face new challenges as they progress through the new and next-gen product design process. Overcoming these challenges will require non-traditional thinking and new materials that meet 5G standards. This eBook dives into the demands of 5G, explaining how select materials can help you enable connectivity while minimizing production and maximizing speed-to-market. 

Download the eBook to learn about:

  • 5G technology and market dynamics
  • Challenges and opportunities with 5G
  • Device components behind the 5G revolution
  • Industries and applications impacted
  • Material considerations to optimize performance


Get the eBook

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