Learn how specialty polymers can protect

from noise and impact

in protective sports equipment applications 

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How can specialty polymers protect from noise and impact?

Recent developments in impact-damping and sound-insulating polymer formulations, paired with next generation design and material modeling simulations, are enhancing the performance of protective sports equipment. Shock-damping polymers provide simplified manufacturing and greater user comfort. For hearing protection in shooting sports, high-density polymeric formulations are used to reduce high decibel sounds. 

In this webinar, Avient discusses two recent sporting goods-specific materials it has developed including impact damping thermoplastic elastomers (TPEs) and high-density thermoplastics. Shock-absorbing TPEs can be used in a variety of consumer wearable applications such as running shoe cushioning, helmets, and protective gear for ball sports.

High-density polymer formulations help to reduce noise by improving acoustic insulation. These are used in applications such as hearing protectors for shooting sports. 

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