Vibration and Sound

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How can materials help you to manage vibration and unwanted noise?

In most manufactured products, from cars to handheld surgical instruments, vibration is an unwanted companion. Excess vibration causes wear and tear of mechanical components that can decrease performance or reduce service life. Vibration in hand-held tools can cause discomfort and potentially lead to muscle and joint damage. Download this eBook to explore the different types of vibration and identify ways you can use materials to mitigate the problems it causes.

Many products are ripe for reduced vibration. Portable speakers benefit from reduced noise. And anything with a motor—vehicles, appliances, medical devices, office machines, etc.—needs to be managed to reduce noise exposure. Reducing vibration also helps decrease wear and tear on internal parts. Don’t forget it also raises comfort levels for sporting goods and archery products!

Download the eBook to learn:
  • How vibration and sound are created
  • Ways to manage vibration
  • What sound damping options are available
  • Real world applications for vibration damping solutions

Download eBook

Download  eBook

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