Drive Processing Efficiencies

in Optical Fiber Cable Manufacture

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Learn How to Drive Processing Efficiencies in Optical Cable Manufacture

With the growth of FTTH and the 5G network, the demand for reliable, high quality fiber optic cable is on the rise. Couple this with complications from the Covid-19 outbreak and the optical fiber cable market is facing increasing pressure for both process and cost efficiencies.

As a premier provider of specialized polymer materials and services, Avient provides material solutions that can enhance manufacturing processes and maximize product performance. Recent product developments in materials for gel filled OFC are enabling increased processing speeds of up to 1000m/m at reduced wall thicknesses.

With solutions for both gel filled and dry OFC applications, this webinar aims to discuss the performance of each and how they can help drive manufacturing efficiencies while providing protection for optical fibers, ensuring reliable data transfer.

Optical Fiber Webinar

Watch the Webinar

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