A Guide to Polyketone

Get to know PK

Understanding the performance and sustainability benefits of engineered polyketone formulations

Polyketone is emerging as a powerful material alternative to nylons (PA) and acetal (POM), and for good reason. This semi-crystalline thermoplastic offers excellent wear and chemical resistance, dimensional stability, and a lower carbon footprint compared to PA6, PA66 and POM.

Although it’s a relatively new class of polymer, PK is growing in popularity as a high-performance and eco-conscious alternative for demanding applications.

If you’re considering PK, this guide is a comprehensive resource to educate you on the performance properties of this next-generation nylon alternative and help you determine if a polyketone formulation is the right solution to your application challenges.


Download the guide for:
  • An overview of polyketone thermoplastic
  • Material properties and performance
  • Chemical resistance testing results
  • Insights to aesthetics and colorability
  • Common questions about this engineered resin

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