Trusted Expertise and Innovative Silicones

for Medical Device Applications

Presented by DuPont™,

Hosted by Avient Distribution

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In this webinar, DuPont™ provides an overview of silicones as a family of materials, highlighting their unique properties and characteristics that make them the material of choice for designers and OEMs who need lubrication, adhesion or elastomeric characteristics in their medical applications and devices.

We discuss how silicones meet the stringent demands of medical device applications and explore the Liveo™ product portfolio.

Trusted Expertise and Innovative Silicones
for Medical Device Applications
Presented on Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Host & Presenters

Karen Heroldt – Avient Senior Manager, Global Marketing

Bill Inman – DuPont Liveo Technical Service and Development

Diana Salvadori – DuPont Liveo Americas Marketing Leader


About DuPont Liveo Silicones

DuPont is making a long-term commitment to the healthcare industry by investing significantly in innovation-driven products and solutions and in manufacturing capacity, working side-by-side with customers to help drive their leadership in medical devices. With a long history of healthcare innovation, Liveo offers a broad portfolio of silicone medical device materials that are known for their quality, reliability and dependable performance – even during the challenges of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. The portfolio includes:

  • Elastomers: Offering biocompatibility, biodurability and batch-to-batch consistency, Liveo elastomers are suitable for a wide variety of medical device applications.
  • Adhesives: Liveo offers both soft skin adhesives (SSAs) designed for wound care and short-term wearable devices and pressure sensitive adhesives (PSAs) for wearable devices that provide the proper level of adhesion for medical device applications while delivering a high level of patient comfort.
  • Fluids: Liveo silicone medical fluids, emulsions and dispersions offer good hydrophobic lubrication properties for medical and surgical devices and tools.

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