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Paying attention to the design-materials connection can accelerate your process and foster more elegant results, every time.

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Materials, design innovation, success. From start to finish, they’re inextricably linked. Our new eBook, SMART DESIGN™ The Design - Materials Connection, explains how, why, and what you can do to make your own connections. It’s a roadmap filled with actionable information and powerful expert insights that will add authenticity and innovation to your designs. Inside, you’ll find unexpected nuggets of wisdom from several powerful voices in the design community. Also check out compelling cases that demonstrate how intrinsic design principles can revolutionize product performance. Download the free eBook and see for yourself how this concept can accelerate your next development project.
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Zeroing In: Design and Materials for Consumer Electronics

Game on! Want to see the design-materials connection in action? Our webinar is a great resource for learning how to cost-effectively (and relatively easily) integrate antimicrobials into polymers for consumer electronics and electronic accessory applications. We promise to make it interesting, engaging, and totally worth your time.

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