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Avient ColorForward™ Experts Predict Pandemic Likely to Influence Color Preferences Even in 2022

Avient ColorWorks™ experts predict Covid-19 pandemic will continue to influence consumer color preferences even into 2022. As it has every year, ColorForward 2022 presents stories associated with four societal trends that can be expected to influence consumers consciously or unconsciously in the next few years. Then, for each trend theme, there is a palette of five colors that people can be expected to respond to. The four stories are:

  • Imago … Colors tend toward yellow and reflect the new duality Covid-19 has created. On the one hand, people are isolated but on the other we’re learning new ways to communicate. 
  • Glowcalization … Growing interest in national self-sufficiency and even self-interest is represented by a hydroponic green and other colors and effects that mirror the positive and negative aspects of this trend. 
  • Care on Demand … Healthcare around the world is not only a hugely important issue but is also a field that is changing dramatically and very quickly. Colors for this story evince the strain the pandemic is putting on existing systems and modern technologies that may offer answers in the future. 
  • New Work City … the way people work may have been unalterably changed by Covid-19. This palette includes warmer hues that suggest trust, flexibility, freedom and adaptability, but also feelings of safety, security and happiness wherever and whenever one works.

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