Materials Matter for Advanced Mobility

Today, technology advances in personal mobility applications are moving faster than ever before. Materials play a big part in enabling the march toward electric cars, autonomous vehicles, better driver assist options, telematics and more. Download this eBook to learn about the connections between these upcoming developments and the advanced materials that can help make them possible.


How materials are making the future of personal mobility possible

As the technologies being developed in advanced mobility applications race forward, the materials that support them need to keep up. Each new innovation brings new challenges, and designers and engineers who approach material selection with fresh eyes will solve them faster. Find out how polymers, colorants and composites not only meet the challenges faced by new tech, but go beyond the basics to reach peak performance.

Advanced Mobility eBook

Download the eBook to learn:
  • Which trends and forces are shaping the future of advanced mobility technology
  • What challenges these trends present to designers and engineers
  • Materials that make mobility advancements possible
  • How specific materials meet each challenge

Download eBook

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